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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Our Lady of La Vang Church online.  We hope that our website highlights the wide variety of worship, fellowship and service opportunities available.  Please feel free to read more about our church on this site, or come in for a visit. 


We are a modest parish of the Roman Catholic Church located in the heart of Greenville South Carolina.  We serve the Vietnamese community but welcome everyone from all ethnicity to our parish family. Come join us each week as we offer glory and praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our Mission


Love ~ Unity ~ Prayer


The Mission of Our Lady of La Vang Vietnam,


Our Lady of La Vang was established to bring the Vietnamese people together as a Catholic faith community.  We are united with the Catholic Church throughout the world.  We are a grateful community as we follow Christ by loving God, ourselves, and our neighbors as we set examples through our words, deeds, and thoughts.


We strive to be a grateful community as we follow Christ by loving God, our neighbors, and ourselves.  Our actions are through our words, our deeds, and our thoughts.


Vietnamese Mass Schedule


Mass is held in the main chapel at

Our Lady of La Vang Catholic Church.


Mass Hour:


Sunday Mass:

  • 8:30 am (Vietnamese) Inside the church

  • 10:00 am (Vietnamese) Inside the church

  • 12:00 pm (Bilingual English-Vietnamese) Outside the church

Weekday Mass

  • Monday - 8:00 pm (Vietnamese) Inside the church

  • Tuesday - 8:30 am (English) Inside the church 

  • Wednesday - 8:00 pm (Vietnamese) Inside the church

  • Thursday - 12:00 pm (Vietnamese) Inside the church

  • Friday - 8:00 pm (Vietnamese) Inside the church

* Please follow Father David Phan's  Facebook  to watch the live ceremony.





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Directions to Our Lady of La Vang:

100 St. Joseph Dr. Greenville, SC 29607
Latest News:
Daily Readings
​Donations - Greer, Our Lady of LaVang, 565

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A Word From our Pastor:
Dear Parishioners and guests of Our Lady of La Vang,


My fellow brothers and sisters, following the announcement of the Bishop from the Diocese Charleston, we have decided the following:


Starting at 12 noon on Tuesday March 17th until Wednesday, April 1, 2020, no churches within the Diocese of Charleston will celebrates mass or any sacramental miracles.


This means that all Masses and the Sacrament of Reconciliation are cancel and have to be rescheduled. If anyone has been scheduled for baptism in the next 16 days, we will have to reschedule their program.


All funerals and weddings will hold their own private family gathering only.

Eucharistic ministers will not bring the Blessed Sacrament to any particular hospital or retirement home or family home until further notice.

I encourage my fellow brothers and sisters to continue to pray the rosary each day for everyone in the world who are affected by the Corona virus.

“Chấm mỗi chấm cho đúng, đường sẽ đẹp, sống mỗi phút cho tốt, đời sẽ thánh”

ĐHY Nguyễn Văn Thuận

“I say to you, dear young people: Do not be afraid of Christ! He takes nothing away, and he gives you everything. When we give ourselves to him, we receive a hundredfold in return. Yes, open, open wide the doors to Christ – and you will find true life.”

Pope Benedict XVI


Bình an và thiện hảo

Peace and All Good

305 Gower Street

Greenville, SC 29611

(864) 395-0202

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